Welcome to Maya’s Empowerment Sessions Intuitive Life Coach, Counselor and Holistic Therapist

How does it work:

Maya’s Empowerment Sessions can be a mix of Shamanic Intuitive energy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, South Korean – Shun Do Shun Pub healing to unblock energy, Reiki and Deep Emotional Release bodywork techniques.

She combined those techniques throughout the years to help her clients to unblock emotional blockages in deep levels. 

Her intuition guides her to use the necessary techniques  at the moment of the session.

Whether your issue is stress, relationship difficulties, break-ups, remembrance or past abuse, these are just some of the issues which often compound problems and effect our emotional well-ness.

Online Coaching is a technical procedure to get from where you are to where you want to be with the help of a professional.  Maya will ask you key questions that will develop awareness, perception and findings within you that sometimes you wouldn’t have otherwise.

It is a way to share your worries, make sense of your thoughts and feelings and start working through your concerns with someone that has compassion and skills to help you.

A good professional will make the journey as easy as possible for you bringing solutions for problems that you are stuck with.

As a result, the session can begin to unravel, not only the small stuff but the more complex issues, together we can build a stronger ‘self’  for your future.

In this program you will:

  • Gain clear understanding of the factors that are influencing your present results.
  • Discover what results you want to have in your life
  • Step by step guidance so you can create the type of life you want.

The benefits of this service are:

  • Is the smart way to go, to have someone with more experience, the skills and understanding to help you trough a crisis
  • Confidentiality
  • Having someone caring and compassionate by your side
  • Honesty
  • Emotional healing
  • Quick solutions for difficult problems
  • Learn about yourself in a deeper level